Helio Imported Japanese High-precision SMT Machine

2015-03-10 16:06:15 zoutaihua


Helio Imported fully-automatic and high-efficient SMT machine in 2015 in order to improve product quality management and producion efficiency due to the large rise on domestic and abroad market.
Our company now owned a new Japanese JUKI high precision multi-function SMT machine production line( model: JUKI KE2070L and JUKIKE-2080L) with a full range of high-precision Desen Printer, JT-800 Reflow Oven and ZHENGHUAXING AOI, which can undertake 0201, 0402, 0603, 0402, 0603 specifications of the chip components, BGA, QFP, PLCC shaped components SMT.
1.DESEN Printer printing precision is  + / - 0.025 mm which can print 0.3 mm spacing and 0201 welding plate with automatic cleaning device for stencil to ensure the printing quality.
2. JUKI SMT machine can produce 23300 CPH chip components per hour ;: IC 4600 CPH, SMT precision laser identification for + / - 0.05 mm, image recognition for + / - 0.04 mm, each machine can be placed top 80 materials (braid is 8 mm).
3. JT - 800 is composed of eight up/down heating zones and 2 up/down cooling zones to fully cope with high-performance lead-free reflow soldering process, suitable for BGA, QFP, CHIP etc. 4. ZHENGHUAXING (AOI), can detect the offset, missing parts, wrong thing, very inverse, less common welding, such as few tin, empty welding and so on, which can identify Pitch of 0.35 mm of QFP welding bad foot.
Based on the principle of "quality first, customer first" and ISO international standardization system, Helios would implement ISO9001:2000 quality management system to become high quality suppliers on the quality, delivery, service for domestic and oversea repeater manufacturers. Now Helios is able to make high precision, high efficiency, high speed, high quality SMT production for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, ADSL, micro base station communication equipment and terminal components intensive products. We also provide OEM processing servie for domestic and foreign manufacturers.
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