Digital Optical Das: The Best Repeaters

2018-04-17 14:22:58

 We often tend to ignore how valuable telephone, Cellular, or WiFi signal really are, until we not longer have them. However, that’s when the digital optical DAS repeaters come in, and help you out.

    Our products are great to improve weak signals in places where there is very poor to almost no reception, making everything easier for everyone there, including you. 

   Our digital optical das repeaters offer solutions for multiples places and scenarios, removing the necessity of unnecessary cable connection, and potentially increasing the speed and strength of whatever signal you are using.

Get to know the Digital Optical Das Repeater.

   In case you didn’t know, a repeater is a device created to receive a signal, regenerate and well, repeated it along the next medium, and so on. Which is exactly what our repeaters do.

    The Digital optical Das repeaters takes in a signal (no matter if it’s a digital or electromagnetic one), regenerates said signal, and repeats it, making it possible to have signal in a very large, giant space.

    With a frequency rate of 88~2690MHz, and an Ultra-Wide Bandwidth of 329MHz DL and UL on one Optical Core, we assure you an excellent coverage, strong signals, and all the support you need.

  Our product ensures your Network stays connected to the future, and allows you to work with one or multiple operators thanks to our DSP Platform and Multi-Services.

  Not only that, but thanks to the modular design of the Digital Optical Das repeater, you can quickly and easily, modify, upgrade and operate the repeater. Making everything more accessible for everyone involved.

Benefits of getting our repeaters.

   Like we mentioned before, we manufacture repeaters that offers multiple solutions to improve the signal in different large spaces. For example: Tunnels and and basements.

   Our repeaters eliminate the necessity of any wire work involved, and allows you to increase the signal along these places, making it possible not only to have and receive cellular or WiFi signal, but to have a strong one too.

   This translate to never having to be without signal ever again, no matter where you are. The great thing about our products is that they do not only work in indoor places like we mentioned before, they also work outdoors.

   That’s right, you can get great signal and amplify the one you already have in places like Stadiums, Parks, Golf courses and even airports. Basically, anywhere you can install one of our repeaters.

Why you should get our product ASAP.

   Weak, bad signal can be a serious problem in most situations. Not to mention how annoying it is not being able to use your cellphone device simply because there’s not reception where you are.

  By purchasing and using our repeaters, you immediately get rid off this problem. It’s honestly that easy. Thanks to our high performance full digital FPGA software and hardware platform, this can be possible.

   Our repeaters are compatible with any combination of technologies and frequencies, which means it is capable of combining 88MHz to 2090MHz in just one single system. Quick, easy and extremely effective.

   We are not talking only about increasing signal reception, but to eliminate any possible noise, distortion or weakness the signal could be having during anytime. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

   With the help of our products, you can provide access to cellphone and Wifi signals all across great distances in places like the ones we mentioned before. All without having to go through unnecessarily complicated installations. 

   Our repeaters are made with the intention of providing great signal reception in the easiest and best way possible. That’s our goal.