Chairman Zhou headed Helios Senior Leadership to Visit Nepal Telecom

2011-04-14 10:00:07

During 7 to 11 April,2011, Chairman Mr Zhou Daofang headed Helios senior leadership to Nepal Telecom and made a cordial conversation with Mr Gupta (Deputy Managing Director of Nepal Telecom). 

Mr Goupa firstly expressed their sincere welcome for Helios delegation’s visit and congratulated that Helios were the only one supplier for this repeater project tender of Nepal Telecom, and hoped that Helios can finish the tender repeaters’ supply、installation and acceptance with speedy and effective working attitude and good quality guarantee. Furthermore, Mr Gupta in present of Nepal Telecom, indicated their appreciation and recognition about the solutions Helios purposed.

Then, Chairman Mr Zhou also expressed heartfelt thanks that Nepal chose Helios as the sole repeaters supplier and promised that Helios would comply with the contract strictly and complete the project effectively and guaranteed that Helios would provide the best coverage solution and good-quality equipments and service to Nepal, which expressed genuine invitation Nepal Telecom leadership to visit Helios.

Finally, Mr Gupta made meticulous introduction to Helios delegation for current planning and development situation of Nepal Telecom and hope our mutual parts would have deeper cooperation on technology and business

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1.Helios Chairman Mr Zhou(left)and Mr. Bibhas Kumar Gupta (Manager of Material Management Dept. of Nepal Telecom) 

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2.Group photo of Chairman Mr Zhou, Mr. Bibhas Kumar Gupta (Manager of Material Management Dept.),General Manager Zou Taihua and Deputy GM Zou Taifeng from Helios.(Left to right)

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3.Chairman Mr Zhou and Mr. Gupta (Deputy Managing Director)

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4.Mr Gupta made introduction to Mr Zhou for current planning situation of Nepal Telecom