GM Headed a Delegation to Indonesia to Visit a Local Distributor

2010-08-27 14:08:26


Aug 17th, 2010--Aug 23rd, 2010, General Manager Taihua Zou, along with company's principal technicians and business representatives took a flight to Indonesia to visit the Indonesian distributor, they simultaneously visited several local telecom operators: IBS, XL, Indosat, HCPT etc.

Photo of General Manager Taihua Zou and the customers.

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Making meticulous explaination and training to the engineers and technicians from the distributor company.

Field test of our company's products, making simulation demonstrating to customer According to the field test results and the training content, making deeper explaination for the customer.

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Technical Supervisor is making a useful simplification of the technologies, engineers are very interested in our products, listen carefully and make detail record After meticulous training and field testing, GM is communicating with customers, customers considers the quality of our products is excellent. The training is pretty successful.