Helios is conducting full comprehensive training activities in 2013

2013-08-30 15:00:37 zoutaihua


In order to promote management level and accelerate the progress of enterprise growth, our company conducts full comprehensive training activities for all employees through the online training platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in 2013 .
The first phase of training chose the courses “Corporate Governance Structure and the Process Design” , “ High Performance Team Management Training Camp”,  “Win-win negotiation Skills Training Camp” according to different management levels of the company and business requirements to organize employees to join the training for study. Aiming at the problem of weak team leader management consciousness, the company also organized by the team leader of "How to be a Good Team Leader” through video training, and discuss the issues at the end of the course according to current situation of our company management in order to promote the company to improve. Through the first round of the study, the staff not only master the knowledge management, but also  improve the learning enthusiasm.
Having achieved preliminary results in the first phase of training, we actively enrolled the second phase of the "Enterprise Growth training" "Hundred and Thousands of Enterprises" network of public training activities held by small and medium-sized enterprise management office of Xiamen in 2013,  which further expand all-round employee training. At present, the application has been approved for company training account. The network public training covers training resources from Times Guanghua School of Management Training College education and provide enterprises with President Institute, Institute of Professional Managers, Production Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Financial Management Institute, etc. and more than 3008 management training courses.
We believe that the training will strongly promote our management level and quality of employees to build a modern management concept of enterprise group.