Fujian Helios Providing Emergency TD-LTE Equipments for Beijing Lido Hotel in Malaysia Airlines Missing Event

2014-03-12 16:14:02 zoutaihua


Malaysia Airlines Jetliner Flight MH370 has been missing since early Saturday while flying from the Malaysian capital to Beijing which carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, including 154 Chinese. More than 100 relatives and friends of the passengers on Flight MH370 arrived at the Beijing Metropark Lido Hotel, waiting for updates from Malaysia Airlines on its missing jetliner. And at least 200 reporters from more than 100 media worldwide packed the hall and the second floor of the hotel. 

However, China mobile had only 3G and 2G signal indoor distribution system, which can not meet lots of gathered personnels’ Mobile Internet needs, so the 4G communication is top priority. Meanwhile, China mobile emergency calls only our company’s independent R&D new product, TD-LTE ICS Micro Repeater to extend outdoor 2.6 GHz TD- LTE BTS signal to Lido Hotel. On Mar 10, once receiving the emergency task from China Mobile for 4G coverage about Malaysia flight Missing event, our Technical Director, Zhuo Kaiyong flied to Beijing immediately at the scene of the Lido Hotel after two hours of continuous working to resolve China mobile's complete emergency 4G protection solutions successfully at 4 o 'clock in the morning, which has ensured families, Press area and reporters with unobstructed communication of 4G.

 Many countries and China have been making all-out efforts to search for the missing flight. We believe that they are looking at every inch of the sea in every hour and every second and we are always expecting good news and miracle of the Malaysia missing flight with genuine pray for the missing persons and their families.
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