Eating Sweet Dumplings for Celebrating Midwinter

2015-12-22 16:08:14 zoutaihua


Dec 22th is our tradition festival midwinter.On festive occasions more than ever one thinks of one's dear ones far away.We could not forget helios which is a warm and harmonious family when we reunite with our family.We prepare sweet dumpling for staff to celebration the tradition festival in midwinter to enrich staff culture life,let all employees feel the warmth of the big family from helios.

Midwinter is a Chinese nation traditional festival,but also a important solar terms in the lunar calendar,with the longest nighttime and shortest daytime in the northern hemisphere.We eat dumpling in our northern part and eat sweet dumpling in our southern part.Our cook served a big basin with steaming hot sweet dumpling,our colleagues who work in production line feel very warm suddenly.
Every body is filled with happy smile in the warm atmosphere,and bowls of sweet dumpling into mouths,with sweet mouth feel and full stomach,while the heart is warm.We have said that the event so that we had a memorable winter solstice,both to experience a thick festive atmosphere,but also felt the  harmonious and warmth of helios.

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