Multi-band Relay DAS

Compared to traditional Repeater, which typically lower network capacity due to repeater can’t distinguish desired signals from interference and noise, Helios® L2 Relay enables coverage extension and capacity enhancement by adaptive signal-equalization, baseband-decoding, encoding and signal-regeneration.

The Helios® RelayDAS® is designed to embedded Multi-Band system and improve Cellular Coverage and good Signal Quality of Single Floors in Tall Office Towers. The System is Operator-centric, not Neutral Host and extremely easy to deploy. It can easy lock the designated PCI/PSC of the Service Cell to eliminate signals from neighbor cell as the ideal solution against “Pilot Pollution” in 3G/4G network

RelayDAS® consists of two units: Master Unit (MU) and Remote Unit (RU). 

The MU consists of a Tri-Band L2-Relay with two LTE Bands and one UMTS Band. The MU will automatically detect the received signal level and selects the best available Channels among all visible Sectors. Then, the MU will amplify the “selected” Channels. ELIMINATES PILOT POLLUTION!

The MU provides Power over Cable (POC) (even CATV cable can be used) to power the RU’s. Adaptive signal-equalization, baseband-decoding, PCI/SC lock, eliminates neighbor cell interference while the Relay Modules again amplify the selected Channels, excluding all other Sectors. Should any selected Channel become busy, the Relay Modules automatically select the next best visible Channel.

Indoor wideband Panel antenna located towards to the window or outdoor directional antenna can be used to connect to the Master unit which is easy to achieve the BTS signal without professional measurement.

The ceiling tile mounted RU’s can connect to a wideband Omni Antenna and are easy to install without the necessity for an external power adapter. Each of the four available RU’s has 20 dBm DL per Band, and additional RU’s can be added with standard DAS architecture of Power Dividers (not DC Blocked) while still maintaining 20 dBm DL per Band from each RU. Each RU has a Gain Adjustment Range of 60 dB to assure a balanced DAS. RelayDAS® is 3GPP / ETSI / CE Mark / RoHs Compliant.

Key Feature

  • Up to three operating supporting all major cellular frequency bands including 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz or 2600MHz.

  • UMTS and LTE supported

  • Embedded HELIOS 3G/4G Baseband Processor

  • Automatic Channel selection based upon UARFCN & PLMN code.

  • Able to lock PCI/PSC of each Band Service Cell Sector to eliminate signals from neighbor Sectors

  • Supports 4-way output to connect RU' s

  • Additional 4 RU' s can be added with standard DAS architecture of Power Dividers (not DC Blocked) while still maintaining 20 dBm DL per Band from each RU

  • DC Power over Cable from the MU to RU' s

  • Supports monitoring RU' s in MU

  • LED Indicator and Laptop via IP Web Browser GUI and RJ-45 port for local control

  • Built-in 2G or 3G or 4G modem as option for remote control.

  • High working Gain Max. 115dB including MU and RU

  • Gain adjustment range of 60db in RU to assure a balanced DAS

  • RF composite power +20dBm per band for small coverage application.

  • Compact size and light weight, easy to install


To expand cellular signal coverage of fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable.

  • Indoor: Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices, Apartments, Packing Lots, Metro, Tunnels and Elevators etc.