Analog Multi-Band Optical Transport System

Helios® Analog Multi-Band Optical Fiber transport system is designed to integrate multi-band systems and help to extend the coverage of in-building systems, long tunnel sections and large area outdoor coverage.

The Master Unit (MU) will include the POI Unit and Optical Unit. The POI is designed to handle Five Bands with up to Four Operators in each Band. All Five Bands do not have to be deployed initially. Additional Bands beyond the initial number of Bands can be added at any time simply by plugging in BTS’ to the POI and adding Band Modules in the Remote Unit.

The Optical Unit includes a Monitor Unit, 8-way Divider, Power Supply Unit, Redundant “Hot Swap” Power Supply Unit and Analog RF to Optical Convertor Unit. This System will handle up to 8 Remote Units in a Star Architecture and is expandable.

The Modular Remote Unit includes a Power & Monitor & Optical Unit, POI_1, POI_2 and RF Unit for the required Bands. As the Unit is Modular, Bands beyond the initial deployment can be added by adding Band Modules.

A fully configured System can include up to 8 Remote Units. The System can be optionally expanded to handle additional Remote Units.

Both the Master Unit and the Remote Units can housed in Optional Wall Mount Rack Cabinets. The Standard are Indoor Rack Cabinets, but IP-65 or IP-67 Wall Mount Rack Cabinets are available for Tunnel and harsh environment locations.

Key Feature

  • Up to six bands operating supporting all major cellular frequency bands including 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz or 2600MHz.

  • Supports all major wireless technologies include GSM, EDGE, DCS, CDMA, UMTS, LTE FDD.

  • Supports Multi-Band and Multi-Operator system

  • Analog Optical Fiber System supports Star connection

  • Supports up to 8 Optical Output Ports in one Master Unit

  • Up to 8 High Power Remote Units

  • Supports Redundant Power Supply Units in Master Unit

  • Modular scalable architecture of the remote unit allows user to quickly modify, upgrade or expand repeater platform by simply adding additional RF cards and software features.

  • RJ-45 Port in OMU Unit to support Local Control and Alarming on an IP Web Browser GUI.

  • External Ethernet or Wireless Modem via 2nd RJ-45.

  • SNMP V3 supported with a MIB File.

  • Built-in 2G or 3G or 4G modem as option for remote control.

  • Built-in individual AGC & ALC functions for each sub-band for multi-operator and public safety applications.

  • RF composite power +33dBm to +43dBm for medium & large coverage application.

  • Rated for both indoor and outdoor use with versatile 19" rack mount, wall mounting or pole mounting options.

  • Optional IP-65 waterproof wall mounting or pole mounting case supported for up to 3 frequency band of remote unit.


To expand cellular signal coverage of fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable.

  • Outdoor: Airports, Tourism Regions, Golf Courses, Tunnels, Factories, Mining Districts, Villages etc.

  • Indoor: Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices, Apartments, Packing Lots, Metro, Tunnels and Elevators etc.

  • Frequency

    Support up to six bands operating supporting all major cellular frequency bands including 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz or 2600MHz.

  • Bands Support

    Supports all major wireless technologies include GSM, EDGE, DCS, CDMA, UMTS, LTE FDD, PCS and AWS

  • Filter Design

    Band Selective or Channelized based upon Software Defined Filtering, and BW or number of filters can be tunable or upgradeable by software. * Contact your local Helios Solutions sales representative to get more details for multiple sub-bands or channels requirement.

  • System Gain

    50dB (+/-2dB)

  • Ripple in Band

    +/- 2.5dB

  • Max RF Composite Power

    +33dBm, +37dBm, +40dBm

  • AGC Range

    Max 20dB

  • Noise Figure

    Max 6dB @ Max Gain included 1 Master and 1 Remote

  • Time Delay

    Max 6µs included 1 Master and 1 Remote (depending on filter bandwidth and required adjacent channel rejection)

  • Distance

    Max 20KM

  • Optical Output Power

    +3dBm ( +/-2dB )

  • Automatic Fiber Optic Loss Compensation


  • Local Monitor & Control

    LED Indicator and Laptop via IP Web Browser GUI and RJ-45 port to monitor & Control Power on/off, Over Power, Oscillation Detection, Isolation Measurement, Door Status, Temperature, Power Supply, VSWR, Output Power, Gain, ATT and etc.

  • Remote Monitor & Control

    Via Helios Netview OMC Software + Option embedded 2G/3G/4G Wireless Modem + Chargeable Li-ion Battery, SNMP V3 compatible, Remote IP viewing +External Modem.

  • Connector

    RF: N-Type Female, Optical: FC/APC, Monitor: 2*RJ 45 Port

  • Connector

    19'' Rack Mount

  • Power Supply


  • Complies with

    ETSI EN 301 908-1, ETSI 301 908-15, ETSI EN 301 489 -1 ETSI EN 301 489 –50, ETSI TS 125 106, ETSI TS 136 106