Entering the era of big data, as one of the main sources of massive data, the application of various technologies in security industry has produced huge data. Moreover, these data are becoming important strategic resources at the enterprise, social and national levels. In the future, security industry is a typical data-dependent industry, relying on data to speak. The fusion of security and big data is mainly embodied in Storage, Observation and Usage. Supported by big data, the storage model of data captured can be stored in a distributed data storage system in an efficient, safe and inexpensive way, and the data can be queried, retrieved and located accurately by big data technology. In the data application level, through the structured association of each system, we can quickly search all the information of the event, so as to achieve the practical application of the data. Through Helios Big Data architecture platform, we can improve the performance and maintainability of product functions.

Main targets of the big data platform: are referring to achieve configuration management of external hardware devices, access and storage of external data, and call and analysis applications of stored data.

Main contents: through the large data storage system, the data of each subsystem can be effectively correlated, the data captured by the front end can be collected, and the unstructured data can be processed quickly with the cloud computing system, the structured data can be extracted quickly, and the data mining and application can be strengthened.