Providing an accurate count and location of passengers in each area of the station as well as the entire Network is a big challenge for indoor positioning and identification.

HELIOS® iLOCALIZER™ Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor can be configured and optimally located to serve smaller, much more targeted areas than is possible using other cellular Location Based Services (LBS). Depending on the application, they can be configured to cover areas of interest such as Entranceways, Retail areas, Hallways, Platforms, METRO Cars and etc.

HELIOS® iLOCALIZER™ Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor can be deployed to deliver anonymous customer location information for Big Data applications and location-based services, to support the delivery of Safe Cities solutions and critical infrastructure security systems.

Unlike common indoor location-based systems with only Wi-Fi, which require users to turn on, opt-in and download an App, HELIOS® iLOCALIZER™ Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor mainly uses the cellular network protocol, augmented by WiFi when 4G is not idle,, to capture IMSI information from passing handsets - automatically, securely, and with no user intervention required, even when User is talking on the mobile. Embedded Wi-Fi Sensors inside HELIOS® iLOCALIZER™ are used to supplement cellular indoor positioning by capturing MAC Data. The iLOCALIZER™ for this Proposal is operating in 1800 MHz Band-3 with Sub-Band support for all four Operators as well as International Roaming Users.

HELIOS® PointXplorer™ is our Big Data System that receives inputs from all deployed iLOCALIZER™ Nodes and maintains the accurate counting and positioning of all METRO Passengers currently using the ATM Network.