High-reliability train-to-ground Connectivity. HELIOS® MOBIfiber™ Train-to-ground Wireless Connectivity.Featuring high-reliability, low latency, high-capacity, high-speed mobility and precise positioning.

HELIOS® MOBIfiber™ High-reliability Train-to-ground communications solution ensures continuous high-speed wireless connectivity between trains or metros and network control centers.

HELIOS® advanced MOBIfiber™ solution based on Private LTE, LTE-V2X and LTE-U technology is deployed in railway and metro systems, powering applications such as Wi-Fi for passengers, real-time high-definition CCTV, PIS, signaling, CBTC, PIDS, PAS, sensors, alerts and more.

Operating in Challenging outdoor conditions and in underground tunnels, MOBIfiber™ complies with railway industry standards and delivers unmatched high-reliability, low latency, large capacity, high-speed mobility and precise positioning features for train operator or vendors.