iLocalizer Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensors

Accurate indoor positioning & identification for public safety

Demand for mobile services is exploding and one of fastest growing segments is Location Based Service (LBS), primarily driven by two major requirements: emergency services and commercial applications. For emergency services, the most significant driver is the FCC’s E911 mandate in the US, which requires location (with certain accuracy limits) of emergency callers to be provided. A wide variety of commercial applications, such as maps and location-based advertising, also need fast and accurate positioning performance.

Satellite-based GPS positioning system provide user’s position when they are outdoors. Indoors, however, GPS loses its efficacy because the technology relies on very weak signals from satellites that are easily blocked by a roof or walls. The result is a significant drop in accuracy for GPS systems when the user enters a building. Reaching an accuracy of 1-5meters indoors requires a completely different solution.

HELIOS® iLOCALIZER™ Close-Proximity 2G/3G/4G Cellular Sensor deliver an entirely new layer of precision location & Identification intelligence with low-cost for use in two key application areas:

  • Presence for Safe Cities
  • Presence for Big Data Analytics

HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor can be deployed by mobile operators to deliver anonymized customer location information for Big Data applications and location-based services, and by government agencies or security, surveillance and border protection teams to support the delivery of Safe Cities solutions and critical infrastructure security systems.

Precision presence enabled through Close-Proximity Radio Sensors supporting 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiple technologies

Fast and simple to deploy, HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor sit alongside the existing network without consuming valuable network connection resource, and with no need for complex network management and integration.
HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor do not connect into the core network but are designed to seamlessly capture critical user information and location data within a closely targeted area (down to a 5 meter radius) – including location, dwell time, IMSI and range – to support Data Monetization and Safe Cities applications.
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Sensors inside HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM with integrated wireless backhaul and GPS are used to supplement cellular indoor positions.

“Always On” Location

Unlike common indoor location-based systems with only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which require users to turn on, opt-in and download an app, HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor mainly use the cellular network protocol to capture information from passing handsets - automatically, securely, and with no user intervention required. Built-in ideal high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery inside the iLOCALIZERTM enables keeping continuous working during sudden power outage time.
The collected data can be enriched, anonymized and fed to other partners, unlocking valuable new revenue opportunities for the mobile operator.

High Performance & Cost-saving

With powerful virtualization and multithreading design in SDR platform, HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor enables simultaneously capturing critical user information and location data for passing handset with multi operators/PLMNs/Bands within just one device.

Targeted, fine-grain LBS

HELIOS® iLOCALIZERTM Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor can be configured and optimally located to serve smaller, much more targeted areas than is possible using cellular Location Based Services (LBS). Depending on the application, they can be configured to cover areas of interest such as shop entrances, promotions areas, security check points and passport control desks and etc.

Regulatory Compliance

Personal identifying information is encrypted to conform to all local regulatory and statutory requirements.

Application examples

  • Retail and public spaces • Footfall tracking
  • Dwell time measurement • m-commerce
  • Push SMS vouchers
  • Optimizing merchandising
  • Big Data analytics
  • Security & fraud protection
  • Border control points
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Utilities infrastructure security
  • Sensitive location monitoring
iLocalizer Close-Proximity 4G Cellular Sensor

Optimization for accurate indoor positioning & identification

iLOCALIZER™ Coverage

Configurable handset detection radius 2m~50m depending on environment

Handset detection time of 5~20seconds (typical)

Logs Timestamp, IMSI, Range, Dwell Time


Operates in LTE FDD Mode (LTE TDD Mode Available)

LTE Bands Supports: Support band 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 28

Tx Power: Maximum 17dBm for 5MHz BW, Maximum 15dBm for 3MHz BW

Network Listen: 4G, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz, Bluetooth 5.1

Built-in Ethernet for backhaul (RJ45 Ethernet Port, up to 1Gbps)


User Data: Secure Hashing, AES128 bit

Backhaul: IPsec, AES128 bit

Handset Compatibility

Air interface requires LTE support

Handset state in 2G/3G/4G idle

Subscriber networks allowed are operator's PLMN, international roaming and supported MVNOs

Integrated Wireless Backhaul (Option)

Operating Modem: 4G LTE Wireless Modem

Max RF Output Power: 250mW

Bands Support: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 28

Built-in Backup Battery (Option)

Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Option)

Environment & Physical

Dimensions: 190mm * 190mm * 46mm

Weight: 0.8kg

Temperature Range: 0° to 45°C

Operating Humidity: 10 to 70% non-condensing

Ingress Protection: Master: IP30

Remote: IP65

Mounting: Free standing, wall mounted or ceiling mounted


Power Input: 220V AC

Power Consumption: 20Watts