Helios® Next-Generation Multi-Band & Multi-Operator & Multi-Technology Digital Optical Transport System (M-DOTS™) is the most flexible, scalable and complete hybrid & active DAS solution for addressing coverage and capacity needs for cellular and public safety wireless network. The M-DOTS™ improves wireless network coverage and capacity by extending services from existing cell sites to hard-to-reach areas by digital CPRI distributing coverage from a centralized radio suite.

Utilizing a centralized digital CPRI distributed architecture, Helios® M-DOTS™ is a three-tier architecture consisting of the Radio Access Unit (RAU), CPRI HUB Unit and Active Antenna Units (AAUs) / Macro Remote Radio Units (mRRUs). RF signals from sectorized Base Stations, off-air Repeater, BDAs or combination thereof can be received. In the case of off-air feed, the RAU has the option as Wireless-Access RAU to combine the functions of the off-air Repeater and provide transmission and distribution of radio signals. The signal is filtered and then converted to a digital CPRI data stream. The digital CPRI packet data stream is transported via single mode fiber and received by the remote AAU or Macro RRUs. The AAU/mRRUs then convert the digital CPRI packet data stream back to RF and amplify the signal for delivery to the antennas. On the reverse path (uplink), the AAU/mRRUs and RAU perform the inverse functions and delivery the signals back to the corresponding off-air antenna, BDAs or Base Stations.

The all-digital platform with ultra-wide bandwidth RF front-end design and modular architecture enables multiple band/technologies/operator and network topologies including star, chain and hybrid to cater to different deployment scenarios. These network topologies provide reduced fiber plant usage and installation cost, and effective fiber loop redundancy configurations.

The M-DOTS™ flexibility and scalability offers service provider an optimal solution for multiple applications, such as dense urban centers, dense suburban areas, airports, hospital, campuses, enterprise buildings, subways and tunnels. The M-DOTS™ digital CPRI distributed architecture and small form factor allow service providers or neutral host to cost-effectively increase coverage and capacity in these hard-to-reach areas.