Industrial 5G NR IoT Gateway G43 Series

The G43 series is a 5G NR IoT gateway designed for IoT, M2M, and eMBB applications requiring higher speed, lower latency data transmission, and capacity of edge computing. It’s Linux OS based openWrt platform allows developers and engineers to program and do secondary development on the hardware themselves. In addition, its rich I/O is ideal for connecting with diverse field equipment and sensors and transferring the data to the cloud server.

The G43 series IoT gateway can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as smart pole, smart cities, smart office, smart buildings, smart traffic light, digital signage advertising, vending machines, ATM, etc.

  • Rich Industrial interfaces, 1x RS232, 1x RS485
  • Modbus RTU, MQTT*, TCP/UDP protocol supported
  • Transparent data transfer, with built in standard TCP/IP stack
  • Multi data centers (up to 5) and TCP server, able to access center with domain name and IP address
  • SMS backup, data will be transferred by SMS when TCP/UDP disconnects
  • TCP heartbeat link detection, keep device always online
  • Hardware and software auto inspection technology, enable operation fault auto repairing
  • AT Command, CSD*
  • Can be configured as an SMS Modem