New Generation Digital ICS Home Relay - SignalTouch

24 September 2014, Helios launches the new generation Digital ICS Home Relay,SignalTouch, aims to solve the last mile coverage problems which have plagued operators and their subscribers for long time.

Using SDR (Software Define Radio) technology basis on FPGA & DSP (Digital Signal Processing) platform, It enables on-the-fly filter changed/upgraded by software without expensive hardware upgrading,ICS Home Relay also can automatically cancels feedback signals from the service antenna, enhancing the source 2G/3G/4G signal for the indoor coverage with its small size and built-in antennas.
Available Gain can be as much as 70~85dB-- the highest in the market today for the small output power repeater with such a compact size(only 172mm x 136mm x 68mm),the benefit of this is to provide more coverage ranges for customers.
With SOC & Embedded architecture, SignalTouch is able to delivery significantly improving network coverage with only 8Watts power consumption. Comparison with other conventional Pico repeaters with 25Watts power consumption,Helios SignalTouch will be a lower total cost of ownership proposition for mobile operators and an environmentally-friendly new life for subscribers.
The new generation Digital ICS Home Relay is a real cost-effective, fully wireless, plug-and-play and digital architecture Home Replay. The repeater can be placed by the window or on the desktop or mounted on the wall to receive the signal coming from outside and create new coverage in building, Just plug in DC jack and rotate the repeater according to the RSSI LED indicators to a direction of best performance. No technician or test equipment is required.