Industry Win-Win Co-operation on the 2012 China International Information and Communication Exposition

Helios participated in the PT / EXPO COMM CHINA 2012 in the form of “BUPT EMBA Federation Industry Alliance” held in Beijing on September 18 -22. The Industry Federation attracted domestic and overseas industry professionals’ eyeball, especially Helios 3G/4G last 100M covering the most important theme of the exhibits.

Well-known Corporate Executives like China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Huawei, ZTE, Datang Telecom and so on visited our booth and express high evaluation on our new designed 3G/4G series products.

Helios people are introducing the new communication (like 3G/4G) series products Helios General Manager, Zou Taihua joined the “2012 PT/EXPO COMM CHINA” Media Interview to discuss Opportunity and Challenge of nowadays Mobile Communication Industry Development.

our booth

With the advent of the era of 3G (4G), the development of high-speed mobile Internet data services provide new opportunities for the communications industry.

Nowadays, since spectrum resources are scarce and high-speed data services requires increasingly wide spectrum resources, it is necessary to ensure quality signal access to the network signal coverage. While 90% of data service is from the indoor scenes, so the last 100M signal coverage is particularly important.

In recent years, Helios has been focusing on the development and application of the field of software-defined radio. In the exhibition, we launched for 3G and future 4G system solutions for the last 100M accurate depth coverage for operators to quickly resolve the operating room, cafe, senior clubs, VIP customers and other small hot scene of signal coverage, enhanced signal strength, reduce the transmission power of the terminal to extend the standby time ,which significantly enhance networks access rates and user's sensation to good-quality network.

For different application scenarios, we introduced the following products in this exhibition:

1.Helios TDD-MATETM series AP It adopts the baseband demodulation synchronization algorithm technology to solve indoor signal coverage TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE time division system and increase the capacity and speed of wireless data networks.

2. Helios 3G (4G) HomateTM Wireless Home Gateway

HomateTM Wireless Home Gateway is designed to resolve wireless coverage for UMTS/LTE and provide WiFi Service which can improve UMTS/LTE signal and provide good WiFi service for outer net phone users and laptop users.

3. Helios CellMateTM No- cabling system Repeaters

Helios CellMateTM Series Repeaters is an intelligent solution to solve the last mile coverage problem which consists of Access unit and Service Unit. One Access unit can support up to 4 Service units without cabling for feeder cable, plug-and play to solve the complicated installation and cabling problem from operators and users.

4. Indoor ICS Pico Repeaters

Built-in Donor Antenna and Service Antenna with ICS function achieved “Plug & Play”- basically no need configuration and free of maintenance to quickly improve indoor 3G (4G) signal quality and networks access rates.