Helios Independent R&D New Technologies Shows in the Communic Asia 2012 Exhibition

COMMUNIC ASIA 2012 held in Sands Expo and Convention Center of Marina Bay Sands Singapore during June 19 to 22 June, 2012. In this exhibition, we presented the latest independent R&D new products and technologies, including 2G/3G/4G wireless RF Repeater, Digital ICS Repeater, Multi-band digital fiber optic Repeater, CellMateTM series Repeater, ICS Pico repeater (including TD-LTE band), Smart AGC series Repeater, CardMux Digital Multi-band RF card Repeater and also introduce our experienced solutions for ships, motor car, the special scene of the mobile body such as indoor and ocean signal coverage solutions. These new products and technologies has been the enthusiastic attention of peers.

CommunicAsia / EnterpriseIT2012 show as Asia's ICT (information and communications technology) industry's largest knowledge-sharing and industry status platform. During the exhibition, through communication with peers of different areas and visitors, it deepened our understanding & awareness of the industry's most cutting-edge technology of the world and the Southeast Asian market, so as to promote our company's technical innovation and progress, which will further promote the market development at home and abroad.

1. Friendly enquiry and exchange the new technology

2. Present new products to potential clients through deepen communication

3. Graceful team of Helios Booth