Successful Completion in The First Stage of Nepal Telecom Project

On Oct, 2011, Nepal project was in full swing as Helios equipments and technical & engineering team’s ready and arrival. Our team worked closely and overtime with the local engineering workers, which has completed the task in the first phase of over 100 sites project on schedule before Spring Festival that completed the installation of more than a dozen sites in the Nepal capital, Kathmandu urban area, commissioning and operation of the task . Through two months of hard work, we obtained the successful acceptance by the operators.
Our engineering and technical services team’s serious, hard-working style of work and professional level of technology has been highly praised by local operators. It is pleasure that our project practice experience creates and cultivates a solid and credible technical services team.
 1、Work in coordination by exchanging views.

2、Work overtime to complete task.

3、Work seriously with professional skills.

4、Our project successful acceptance by the operators.