Welcome Nepal Telecom Delegates to visit Helios Telecom for Factory Inspection

During 4th July to 10th July, 2011, Nepal Telecom delegates who are Mr.Birendra Bahadur Shakya (Purchasing Manager) and Mr Prem Prasad Silwal (Senior Engineer) made an one-week visiting for Helios factory and products inspection.

On 4th July, the delegates on behalf of Nepal Telecom visited our company for friendly business negotiation and technical communication with Helios leadership and R&D Team firstly, and then inspected carefully production sites, R&D Center and Quality Control System Procession. In the subsequent days, the senior engineer Mr Silwal made detailed specification lab testing of supplier partial products, which has achieved requested standard by Nepal Telecom.

According to the factory inspection, Nepal Telecom presented fully satisfied with our production on-site management, R&D Center, quality control system, Helios staffs’ strict working attitude and style and the products quality.

Through mutual communication, both sides hope to reach a mutually beneficial future for establishing long-termed cooperation relationship.

1. Discussion and Communication among Nepal Telecom Delegates, Helios leadership and Helios R&D Team
2. Business Negotiation between Nepal Telecom Delegates and Helios Leadership
3. On-site Lab Testing
4. Issuance of Factory Inspection Certificate