Two New Design of Indoor Pico Repeater has Successfully Passed European Union CE Certification

Helios two new design of indoor pico repeater 900MHz and 1800MHz series have passed BACL's ETSI test, and successfully obtained European Union CE certificate issued by BACL.


European Union has set strict requirements for indoor pico repeaters to go into European market and has formulated strict laboratory flow and test standard. In the test, the independent recearched Helios indoor pico repeater is running normally in software and hardware tests, each specification fits European Union CE Certification provisions and requirements, Helios pico repeater has got great reputation from European Union CE certification technical team for its outstanding performance and appearance.
By passing the European Union CE certification, we have obtained the permit to go into the European market for these two new design of indoor pico repeater, this has a far-reaching influence on increasing company prestige and customer confidence, extending sales net and realizing company middle and long term development project.