Central Air Condition System Remote Monitoring

Auto monitoring, cost-saving, real time and accurate monitoring, remote diagnose the issues, improve efficiency.

Background and Challenges

Nowadays, central air condition system is widely equipped in office buildings. While the increasing number of central AC system has brought some challenges to the suppliers, such as, how to monitor and manage so many AC systems in different locations, how to offer a better after sales service and maintenance server to customers, as well as saving maintenance and service cost, and all these questions have driven a new remote monitoring system to come out.

System Requirements

The AC system will be equipped with PLC to collect the detailed data of operation status, and then transfer those data to data center through HELIOS HD210 Series DTU over 4G/3G/2G cellular network. And that will help the engineer to analyze the issues and diagnose them remotely, as they can login the system and view the real time status through webpage or mobile phone.


  • Auto monitoring, cost-saving
  • Real time and accurate monitoring
  • Remote diagnose the issues, improve efficiency