Datacenter Monitoring System

Monitor and report status of environment and equipment in real time, fault auto alarm system, including SMS, email.

Background and Challenges

Server room is the physical space that houses all the data running through the computer network of a business or organization, and it is equipped with networking products, server and security alarm system, cooling system, etc. While climate is one of the factors that affects the energy consumption and environmental impact of a server room, so to ensure the operation of server room, an intelligent and automatic monitoring system is vital.

System Requirements

  • Sensors to monitor environment and equipment, as well as remote control them.
    • Environment Temperature, humidity, smoke density, etc.
    • Security Current, voltage, alarm, IP camera, etc.
    • Equipment UPS, generator, air condition, etc.
    • Remote Control Lights, turn on/off, etc.
  • Wireless data transmission terminal

HELIOS HR341 series router and HD210 series DTU, data collected from sensors mentioned above will be transferred to data center through 4G/3G/2G cellular network.

  • Data center

Monitor, analyze, alarm and remote control, etc.


  • Monitor and report status of environment and equipment in real time.
  • Fault auto alarm system, including SMS, email, etc.
  • Wireless video surveillance, unmanned attended.
  • Remote control and intelligent.