Automatic Water Pump Station 

Real time monitoring the status and operation of station, remote control the station, turn on and off, wireless transmission.

Background and Challenges

Water pump station has been widely used for city water supply, agriculture irrigation, etc. Manual operation may cause incorrect switching, delay and incorrect operation, which may also cause incidents. Besides, it is also labor, money and time cost.

System Architecture

The automatic water pump station utilizes wireless remote monitor and control technology, and it is automatic monitoring and operation, which save lots of cost, but also improve the security of operation.

  • Front end data collection system Integrated with PLC, to collect the real time data of current, voltage, water level, turn on/off the pump, etc.
  • Wireless Communication System HELIOS HD210 Series DTUconnected with PLC and communicate with data center through 4G/3G/GPRS/CDMA cellular network.
  • Data Center Consists of data server, application server and monitor display, which is to store, compute, analyze and monitor the station, as well as remote control the station.


  • Real time monitoring the status and operation of station.
  • Remote control the station, turn on and off.
  • Support multi centers sync monitoring (up to 5 centers).
  • Wireless transmission, saving cost of wiring and labor.