Electricity Distribution Network Management

Make the electricity distribution can be remote monitor and managed in a smart way.

Background and Challenges

With fast growth of economics, the whole society has higher requirement for quality of electricity, as problems of power supply may cause huge lost, in other words, a reliable and stable power supply has directly affected people’s life and even economics. So, the electric power company need a system that can help them to:

  • Remote monitor and control in real-time.
  • Automated distribution network.
  • Fast reaction to problems of power supply.
  • Continue to provide high quality electricity.

System Requirements

The system uses automation control and wireless transmission technologies, integrates real-time data of distribution network, user info and geography info, to enable the normal operation, remote monitor and control distribution network. It includes:

  • Front-end data collection and control

Real-time data collection and control, then transferred to data center, or receive control order info from center to remote control.

  • Wireless data transmission

Transparently transfer the data between front end and data center.

  • Data center and control room

Provide feeder automation, GIS, remote control and alert functions, to help fast problem location, isolation and electricity recovery.


  • Remote real time data collection, control and troubleshooting, etc.
  • Feeder automation.
  • Improve its reliability and reduce the faults and lost.
  • Fast diagnose the problems and recover power supply.
  • Promote quality of service.
  • Reduce cost of operation.