Analog Optical Remote Unit - ORUs

HELIOS® Cellular Band Analog Optical Transport System is a two-tier architecture consisting of the Optical Master Units (OMUs) and Optical Remote Units (ORUs). RF signals from Base Stations, off-air, BDAs or combination thereof can be received. In the case of off-air feed, the OMU has the option to combine the functions of the off-air Repeater and OMU to provide transmission and distribution of radio signals. The signal is filtered and then converted to optical signal which will be transport via single mode fiber and received by the ORUs. The ORUs then convert the optical signal back to RF signal and amplify signal for delivery to the antennas. On the reverse path (uplink), the ORUs and OMU perform the inverse functions and delivery the signals back to the corresponding off-air antenna, BDAs or Base Stations.

Star connection between OMU and ORUs is easy for centralized management. Customized optical port numbers in OMU such as single port, two ports, four ports, eight ports or more ports. The OMU and ORU utilizes an embedded WEB management system for system configuration and network monitoring. The embedded WEB management system collects alarm information from both OMUs and ORUs. 2 * RJ45 port both in OMU and ORUs can support local control and remote IP viewing.

  • Supports Single Band, Dual Band, Tri-Band and Multi-Band Optical System
  • BTS coupled and analog optical fiber transport system
  • Star connection and 4 ORU’s support
  • Optional more optical ports for more ORU’s
  • Optional Dual Redundant Power Supply for ORU’s
  • Built-in RJ-45 port to support Control and Alarm on IP Web Browser GUI
  • Additional RJ-45 port for remote Web Browser GUI viewing via external ethernet or wireless modem
  • SNMP V3 and MIB file support
  • Master Unit Mountable in standard 19” Rack Case
  • IP67 supported and Wall Mounted or Pole Mounted for ORU

Electrical Specification

Frequency Range (Customized): 700-2700MHz / 700-2700MHz

Band Support: Single, Dual, Triple or Multiple Band selectable

Downlink Composite Output Power: Max 43±2dBm

System Gain:UL: 45±2dB / DL: 50±2dB

Gain Adjustment: 25dB in 1 dB steps

Uplink Maximum Input Without Damage: -10 dBm

Group Delay: <3µs exclude fiber delay

Uplink Noise Figure @ Max Gain: ≤5dB (1 Master and 1 Remote)

Intermodulation: < -60dBc or < -36dBm

Optical Output Power: 3 ± 2dBm

VSWR: <1.5

SNMP: SNMP V3 + MIB file

I/O Impedance: 50 ohm

MTBF: 50,000 Hours

Power Supply: 220V AC 50~60Hz (Dual Redundant Power Supply available)

Power Consumption: Max 180W

External and  Connection

Local Alarm Indications: LED alarm display

Local Control: RJ-45 port for Local Control

Remote Control: Additional RJ-45 port to connect external modem or Ethernet

RF Connector: 1 * N-Type Female

Optical Connector: 1 * SC/APC

Mechanical Specification

IP Rating: IP67

Temperature Range: -25℃ to +55℃

Relative Humidity: Max 95%