LTE-R Digital Band / Channel Selective RF Repeaters

As a common transportation, Railways transportation increases the carrying capacity, shortens the transportation time and decreases the transportation cost which improve the quality of transportation services, yield greater customer satisfaction, and help to create the socioeconomically balanced societies. And this highly efficient transport mode creates significant challenges in terms of investment, technology, industry, and environment.

To handle increasing traffic, ensure passenger safety, and provide real-time multi-media information, GSM-R communication system and more advanced LTE-R communication system is required. GSM-R is essentially the same system as the GSM but with railway-specific functionalities. The GSM-R network serves as a data carrier for the ETCS, which is the signaling system used for railway control. To provide improved and more efficient transmission for railway communication, LET-R has many advantages over GSM in terms of capacity and capabilities. LTE-R which is based LTE standard will replace GSM-R in the future.

HELIOS® GSM-R/LTE-R Digital Single Band Repeaters employ Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology based upon our FPGA & DSP Platform. This achieves high out of-band rejection and high intra-Carrier interference compared to traditional Analog IF SAW filters. It also enables on-the-fly filter change/upgrade by software without an expensive hardware upgrade.

  • LTE Standards Compliant
  • SDR (Software Define Radio) technology based upon our FPGA & DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Platform
  • Supports upgrading filter parameters in case of frequency re-farming by software
  • SOC & embedded architecture enables delivery significantly improved network coverage with very low power consumption
  • Supports tunable sub-band or channelized filter design
  • Better out of band rejection than analog SAW filter
  • Built-in USB or RJ-45 interface for local control
  • Built-in automatic intelligent UL/DL Gain control
  • Light weight and compact size, flexible wall and pole mount.
  • RoHS Compliant

Electrical Specification

Frequency Range (Customized): 450MHz, 800MHz or 1.8GHz

Max Composite Output Power: 23±2dBm/43±2dBm

Filters Design: 1.4-20 MHz tunable or Channelized filter

Gain: 85±2dB/90±2dB

AGC Control Range: Min 25dB

Gain Control Range: 30dB

VSWR: <1.8 Ripple in Band: Max ±2dB I/O Impedance: 50 ohm Uplink Noise Figure: Max 7dB Group Time Delay: Max 8µS MTBF: Min. 50000 hrs Power Supply(External): AC220V (+/-15%), 50Hz Power Consumption: Max 180W Monitoring: Real-time alarm for Temperature, Input Under Power, Input Over Power and etc.; Parameters monitoring for Output Power, Gain, Uplink ATT, Downlink ATT, etc.

External and Antenna Connection

RF Connector: N-type Female

Local Control: Local control via RJ-45 interface

Mechanical Specification

Temperature Range: -25℃ to +55℃

Humidity Range: Max 95%

IP Rating: IP65

Mounting Type: Wall mounting

Dimensions: 355*295*164mmSave

Weight: 20kg