Single Band digital Frequency shift repeaters

HELIOS® Digital frequency Shifting Repeaters (FSR) system designed to solve problems of weak mobile signal, which can expand more coverage than RF repeaters and reduce investment for the areas where fiber optic or dedicated cable is not allowed. The Frequency Shifting Repeater system(FSR) consists of two parts: Donor Unit and Remote Unit. The Donor Unit receives the BTS signal via open air radio frequency (RF) transmission or direct couple closed to BTS, then coverts it from the working channel to transmission channel, and transmits the amplified signal to the Remote unit that will reconvert the signal to the working channel and provide signal to the areas where network coverage is inadequate.

As per the method of receiving BTS signal by the Donor Unit, two types of FSR are available:

  • Cable-Access FSR: to receive BTS signal via a direct coupler closed to the BTS (Recommended)
  • Wireless-Access FSR: to receive BTS signal via a Donor Antenna (applicable when no line of sight can be viewed between the Donor Unit and Remote Unit as the Donor Unit is installed on the BTS tower)
  • Aluminum-alloy casing with lP65 protection
  • Compact design, cool system without fan
  • Best solution to eliminate mutual interference due to sharing the same frequency
  • ALC and AGC to ensure stable operation
  • Easy to install on wall or pole
  • Channel and band selective automatic gain/power control for multi-operator
  • Max transmission distance between Donor Unit and Remote Unit is 20KM
  • Adopting filter with highly selectivity and low insertion loss eliminates interference between uplink and downlink
  • Built-in RJ45 ports for local test
  • Built-in 2G modem (Option) for remote monitoring by SMS, GPRS or TCP/IP
  • Support upgrading firmware remotely by GPRS
  • Eliminate isolation requirement in antenna installation
  • Easy to choose installation site
  • Integrated GPS disciplined clock provide an accurate, high-quality, stable synchronizing signal which can keep the frequency offset less than 0.01ppm all the time

Electrical Specification

Working Frequency: 880-915MHz/925-960MHz

Link Frequency: Customized/Customized

Configurable Channels: 1sub-bands(0.6-20MHz tunable)

Frequency Error: Max 0.01ppm

GPS Calibration: Support

Output Power: -10/23dBm(Donor);23/37dBm(Remote)

Gain: 40/45dB(Donor);100/100dB(Remote)

AGC Control Range: Min 40dB (±2dB)

Gain Control Range: 30dB (1dB Step)

VSWR: <1.5

Ripple in band: Max ±1.5dB

In-band Inter Modulation Attenuation: Complies with ETSI

Spurious Emissions: 9KHz-1GHz Max -36dBm; 1GHz-12.75GHz Max -30dBm

I/O Impedance: 50 ohm

Noise Figure: Max 8dB

Group Time Delay: Max 8µS

MTBF: Min. 100000 hrs

Power Supply: AC220V (+/-15%), 50Hz

Power Consumption: Max 120W(Donor); Max 150W(Remote)

NMS Monitor Function: Real-time alarm for Temperature, Input Over Power, Output Power, Gain, Uplink ATT, Downlink ATT and etc.

External and Antenna Connection

RF Connector: N-type Female

Interface: RJ-45 Port

Mechanical Specification

Temperature Range: -25 degree Celsius to +55 degree Celsius

Relative Humidity: Max 95%

Dimensions: 355*295*164mm(Donor); 355*295*164mm(Remote)

Weight: 20kg