TETRA/P25/DMR/PMR Digital Band / Channel Selective RF Repeaters

Helios® Public Safety Digital Single Band Repeaters employ Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology based upon our FPGA & DSP Platform. This achieves high out of-band rejection and high intra-Carrier interference compared to traditional Analog IF SAW filters. It also enables on-the-fly filter change/upgrade by software without an expensive hardware upgrade.

Helios® Public Safety equipment helps to extend the coverage of Public Safety and Critical secure Communications Networks. Helios offers complete and integrated solutions for TETRA, DMR, PMR, P25 and LTE Networks to ensure coverage of major public infrastructure; such as police stations, garages, power plants, exhibition halls, airports, sports arenas, road and rail tunnels, hotels, convention centers, shopping malls, office towers, parking lots etc.

  • TETRA Standards Compliant
  • Supports tunable filter bandwidth as 60KHz, 120KHz and 180KHz
  • Meets 12 µsec Group Delay
  • Digital Time Slot based AGC and Squelch functionality
  • Oscillation Detection and Mitigation Function
  • RJ-45 Port to support IP Web Browser GUI for Local Control
  • Additional RJ-45 Port to support Customer supplied Ethernet or Wireless Modem
  • SNMP v3 +MIB file supported
  • Dry Contact Input Port to Alarm External UPS
  • IP-67 rating and convection cooling
  • Light weight and compact size, flexible wall and pole mount.
  • RoHS Compliant

Electrical Specification

Frequency Bands: UL: 380-385MHz / DL: 390-395MHz

Max Output Power: 30dBm @ 1 Carrier, +24dBm per Carrier @ 4 Carriers, +21dBm per Carrier @ 8 Carriers(UL); 36dBm @ 1 Carrier, +30dBm per Carrier @ 4 Carriers, +27dBm per Carrier @ 8 Carriers(DL)

Working Bandwidth: 1-8 TETRA Carriers with GUI selectable bandwidths 60KHz, 120KHz and 180KHz

Max Gain: 87dB±2dB

Gain Adjustment: 30dB in 1 dB steps

Time Slot Based AGC: Min 30dB

ALC: △PO≤2dB

VSWR: < 1.5 Ripple in Band: Max ±2dB Intermodulation: Complies with ETSI and TETRA Standard Spurious Emission: Max -36dBm@9KHz-1GHz; Max -30dBm@1-12.75GHz Digital Squelch: Support for uplink Antenna Isolation: Oscillation Detection and Mitigation Feature I/O Impedance: 50 ohm Uplink Noise Figure: Max 5dB @Max. Gain Group Time Delay: ≤12µs MTBF: Min. 80,000 hours Power Supply: 220V AC 50~60Hz/DC, Backup (optional) Power Consumption: Max 180W NMS Monitor Function: Real-time alarm for door open, Temperature, Power Supply, Output Power, Gain, Uplink ATT, Downlink ATT and etc. SNMP Function: SNMP V3 and MIB File

External and  Connection

RF Connector: N-Type Female

Local Control: IP Web Browser GUI via RJ-45 Port

Remote Monitoring and Control: Support remote IP Viewing of GUI via external ethernet modem or embedded wireless modem

Dry Contact input alarm: Include; to alarm external UPS

Mechanical Specification

Weather Resistance: IP67

Temperature Range: -25℃ to +55℃

Relative Humidity: Max 95%

Dimension: 499*399*225mm

Weight: Max 28kg