smart noise monitor and alarm system

HELIOS Noise Remote Monitor and Alarm solution enables environment department to monitor the noise of construction site and residential area.

Background and Challenge

Noise pollution has become one of the main pollutions in the cities, which has affected people’s life, study and work. While the noise pollution comes from different aspect, including vehicle, factory, construction, etc., and this has arisen people’s attention to noise pollution, then request for noise monitor system in residential area have be aroused.

System Architecture

Normally, the noise monitor system is requested in residential area, school, hospital and nursing home where quiet environment is needed. In this system, the noise data will be collected by front-end sensors, then transferred through HELIOS HD210 DTU Series over public 4G/3G/GPRS cellular network to data center to monitor, store, calculate, display and distribute, and there would be an onsite LED billboard to display the real-time decibel value of noise. This will help to people living in that area to lower their voice if the decibel is high.


  • Real-time and visual, easy for residence to know the average decibel of noise.
  • B/S structure platform, able to use mobile phone or install APP to remote view, manage and distribute the noise data.