Dual Band Digital Pico Repeaters

Hence, telecom operators have to face the problem of re-farming spectrum resource for future. HELIOS® Digital Dual Band Low Power Repeater is an innovation technology, which is adopting SDR (Software Define Radio) technology platform. It enables on-the-fly filter be changed/upgraded by software without expensive hardware upgrading.

It is connected via coaxial cable to Donor Antenna and Service Antenna, Donor Antenna is placed outside the building where it has easy access to a BTS signal, and the Service Antenna is placed in the building where it can extend radio coverage to the blind area.

  • Available customized dual-band
  • Supports upgrading filter parameters in case of frequency re-farming by software
  • SOC & embedded architecture enables delivery of significantly improved network coverage with very low power consumption
  • Supports tunable sub-bands
  • Better out of band rejection than analog SAW filter
  • IMOP function for Oscillation protection
  • Built-in RJ-45 interface for local control
  • Built-in 2G/3G/4G modem as option for Helios NMS remote control
  • Built-in AGC & ALC function
  • High working gain as min. 75dB
  • RF Output power +17dBm

Electrical Specification

Frequency Range (Customized):

Max Composite Output Power: 17±2dBm per Band/17±2dBm per Band

Filters Design: Typ. 1*(4-20) MHz (Customized)

Gain: 70dB/75dB

AGC Control Range: Min 30dB

Gain Control Range: 30dB

VSWR: <1.5

Ripple in Band: Max ±2dB

Standard: Complies with 3GPP and ETSI

Oscillation Protection: Built-in IMOP function for oscillation protection

I/O Impedance: 50 ohm

Uplink Noise Figure: Max 8dB

Group Time Delay: Max 8µS

MTBF: Min. 50000 hrs

Power Supply: AC220V (+/-15%), 50Hz

Power Consumption: Max 40W

Remote Control: Built-in 2G/3G/4G modem as option for Helios NMS remote control

Monitoring: Real-time alarm for Temperature, Input Under Power, Input Over Power and etc.

Parameters monitoring for Output Power, Gain, Uplink ATT, Downlink ATT, etc

External and Antenna Connection

RF Connector: N-type Female

Local Control: Local control via RJ-45 interface

Mechanical Specification

Temperature Range: -25 °C to +55 °C

Relative Humidity: Max 95%

IP Rating: IP30

Dimensions: 355mm*226mm*57mm

Weight: Max 10kg