HELIOS 5G NR O-RAN Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW/HUB)

Stackable eCPRI/CPRI gateway supporting up to 8 O-RU and flexible deployment by Power-over-Fiber.


Helios® 5G NR O-RAN Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW / HUB) Unit can be deployed remotely or co-located with the vBBU (O-CU and O-DU), and it owns eight 10Gbps SFP+ optical ports to provide connectivity to up to eight Distributed Active Antenna Units (AAUs) over hybrid powered fiber cable based on eCPRI/CPRI protocol. It receives the downlink baseband data from vBBU and continue transmit to the Distributed AAUs after shunting, the uplink CPRI data stream from AAU will be sent to the vBBU after certain routing processing. It’s innovative Power Over Fiber (PoF) features for remote Distributed AAUs to enable flexible & simplifies installation both for FHGW/HUB and AAU through hybrid fiber-copper cable.


  • Supports 8 O-RUs for a cell
  • Max. distance to O-RU > 15KM
  • O-RAN option 7-2x Category A/ eCPRI interface
  • Interface: to vBBU: eCPRI/ SPF+; to O-RU: CPRI/ SPF+
  • Compact and rack-mountable form factor
  • Support 1588 v2 and SyncE time synchronization
  • Remote RRU power supply via hybrid powered fiber for indoor flexible deployment
  • Low power consumption and noise

Standard Conformance

  • End-to-end Performance and Stress Test
  • 3GPP 38.511 SCAS

Technical Specifications

Power Supply110~240VAC
Power OutputPower-over-Fiber (PoF), Total 8 Power output ports, 70Watts per ports
StandardO-RAN option 7-2x Category A
Network InterfaceSFP+ Connector * 10: 8 for connecting O-RUs/ 1 for connecting vBBU/ 1 for cascading next FHGW/HUB

to vBBU: 10G SFP+/ eCPRI

to O-RU: 10G SFP+/ CPRI/ Provide remote power supply for O-RU via hybrid powered fiber cable

Management PortRJ-45 connector, 10/100/1000M adaptive
Maximum FHGW to RRU Distance15KM
RRU Remote Power SupplyPower line up to 200M
Sync Mode Supported1588 v2 / SyncE
MTBF> 100,000 Hours
Operation Temperature-25℃ ~ +55℃
Operation Humidity 5%~95%