Integrated hardware and software package including 5G O-CU and O-DU functions.


Helios® 5G NR O-RAN Virtualization Baseband Processing Unit (vBBU) comprises the relevant software of Central Unit (CU) and Distributed Unit (DU) and co-located on a single standardized Intel x86-based COTS server, as the signal resource of the 5G NR O-RAN Distributed Radio Access Networks (D-RAN) for In-building Coverage and provides the pooled baseband resource for the buildings (s) or area, it will implement Centralization and Virtualization of 5G NR RAN eNodeB functions as transfer of user data, handoffs/mobility control, spectrum/network sharing, timing & synchronization, positioning, session management etc. The Helios® 5G NR O-RAN vBBU owns four 10Gbps SFP+ optical ports and supports up to four 5G NR O-RAN Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW/HUB) by fiber cable based on eCPRI (Enhance Common Public Radio Interface) protocol as O-RAN 7-2x Split option.


  • Duplex mode TDD
  • Support multi-Cells
  • 400 Active Users and 1200 RRC Users per Cell

Standard Conformance

  • End-to-end Performance and Stress test
  • 3GPP 33.511 SCAS

Technical Specifications

3GPPR15 / R16
Network ArchitectureSA
Min. Server HardwareIntel® Xeon® Processor D-2177NT 1.9GHz 14 Cores, 2*16G RAM, 128GB SATA, CentOS Linux 7.2
Network InterfaceBackhaul: N2 to AMF/ N3 to UPF
Fronthaul: O-RAN 7-2x Category A split/ eCRPI
Transmission SchemeDL CP-OFDM/ UL CP-OFDM/ UL DFT-S-OFDM
Channel Bandwidth100MHz, 90MHz, 80MHz, 60MHz, 40MHz or 20MHz (Customized)
Duplex ModeTDD – Time Division Duplex
Max. NR Peak RateDDDDD DDSUU Frame Structure,Special Subframe 6:4:4

4T4R: Downlink 1.5Gbps, Uplink 230Mbps
2T2R: Downlink 750Mbps, Uplink 230Mbps

Cells & Capacity400+ Active Users and 1200+ RRC Users per cell

1 Cell @ 4T4R / 100MHz BW
2 Cells @ 2T2R / 100MHz BW
2 Cells @ 4T4R / 100MHz BW
4 Celles @ 2T2R / 100MHz BW

Cell Splitting & CombinationSupported
PRACHShort preamble, L = 139K; Format B4: Number of repetitions 12/ CP length 15.25us/ Preamble length 400us
HARQDL asynchronous HARQ/ UL asynchronous HARQ/ 16 parallel HARQ processes
PDCP12/18 bits SN for DRBs/ IP header compression and decompression/ Ciphering and Deciphering/ Reordering based on SN/ Duplicate packet detection and removal/ Integrity protection
RRCRRC states (IDLE, Connected, Connected Inactive) and state transfer/ MIB broadcasting/ RRC Connection establish, re-configure and release/ SRB establish and release/ DRB establish/modify/release/ ARQ configure/ HARQ configure/ Paging/ Measurement/ Mobility management
NG InterfaceHandover/ Paging/ UE context management/ PDU session management/ NAS message transport/ NG interface management
Xn InterfaceHandover/ Paging/ UE context management/ Xn interface management
F1 InterfaceUE context management/ RRC message transport/ Paging/ F1 interface management
Sync Mode Supported1588 v2 / SyncE / GPS / Beidou