Helios launched New Products at 2017MWC of Barcelona

Helios launched a revolutionary new product LTE-A L2 RELAY in experience center located in Booth No 6F46 of 2017 MWC Event hold Barcelona of Spain, Helios Sales and Technical Team demonstrated the performance of this new product.
LTE-A L2 RELAY is developed by our R&D team for two years, comparing to traditional repeaters, there are following features and advantages for LTE-A L2 RELAY:

1.Built-in HE1885 baseband processing chip customized by Helios,ntegrated 2G/3G/4G protocol stack.

2. Automatic lock operator PLMN,Only forward the signal of the specified operator.

3.RS reference signal automatic gain precision control could accurately control the coverage of the district,to solve the respiratory effects of repeater in the 3G /4G network applications.

4.Real-time according to the base station closed-loop power control parameters, precise control equipment reverse link gain and power to ensure that no  nterference to the base station.

5.Built-in QOS signal analyzer,real-time analysis of equipment forward and backward LTE signal quality,effectively help operators to monitor network quality.

6. Wireless forwarding,flexible deployment, high compatibility,no need to change the core network configuration,can coexist in harmony with the macro network,more effective to reduce network investment costs.

Displaying the function of such a powerful  product, Helios Booth had attracted industries's high attention during the show. Local Newspaper of MWC Column is on the Division LTE-A L2 RELAY report; Organizers media  also interviewed General Manager Mr Stanley Zou about Helios Prospect in the future. The Greek Radio and Television Minister Mr. Nikos Pappas also visited Helios booth to express their concern about new Helios innovation products. Helios MWC2017 trip would be a full harvest!